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Amidst all the beauty associated with life, there lies a bad facet of life which has a very painful side. This painful side involves hurt, anguish, grief, pain, heartbreak, injury, loss and lament. This journey which starts with a wound always ends up in scars. The scars could be of three types of scars:

  • Physical – Ones which you get when you are injured by any accident / fight, which leads to blood shed.
  • Emotional – Ones which you get when you are hurt by a loved one or through any disappointment you might come across in life like heartbreak, failure, a dream which didn’t come true etc.
  • Mental – Ones which you get when you are shocked with something that has happened in your life leaving you with a fear or a phobia.
Whenever you experience any of these types of injury, treat it like you would any physical wound. Give it ample time to heal completely. Do all that you can to ensure proper recuperation. Cry if you need to. Lament your grief or hurt; but once it’s healed, let go of all the pain and hurt. Cherish the scars, because scars are beautiful. They are gifts that life has given us in the form of some lessons learnt, though the hard way. They teach you something and remind you where you have been and the hurdles you have crosses to be where you are today.

And never be ashamed to flaunt your scars; because it’s better to have done and failed rather than have never done at all !!

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