Heart to heart - A conversation with myself

Writing after almost a month, feels weird surely but also emotional at the same time. Life at time loves to challenge us by tempting us with our most favourite things and takes them far away from us just to see how far do we go to reach them. So here I am, running behind my blog trying hard to catch up as quickly as I can.
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During this time all I did the most was talking to myself. So as I begin my second innings just few days away from my blog's third birthday what better way to start than a letter to myself , from Me!

Dear YOU,
Sometimes in life it is perfectly okay to not know why are you doing a few things and yet you do it for it simply means your heart wanted you to do it. And you can trust me, sacchi. I exactly know how it feels to be betrayed, cheated and hurt and I promise you I can never ever do that to you.
If you are feeling like crying I would say you should do that. For whatsoever reasons or for no reason because tears don’t mean you are weak. They mean you have the strength to accept you imperfections along with your perfections and tears wash your eyes clear to see ahead in a better manner.
I want you to believe in one thing always – Yourself.
There will always be someone who will feel you are wrong, bad, selfish, lazy, non-performer, failure, loser, arrogant, jealous, annoying, late, imperfect, incapable, incompetent, ugly, fat, snobbish, bitchy and all those words that are synonyms to these ones. Remember however much you do, you will fall short for that is what makes us human. But that does not mean you are all that they say. You are you, a unique you. And before you were born there were already one million people on this earth and yet you were sent ; which clearly means there is something which only you can do and those 1 million cannot.  
Nobody on this earth has the right to define you in whatsoever manner for they don’t know you at all. The only person who can define you is yourself. Never give the reins of your life to anyone else, not even to the one you love the most for then they will rule your life making you feel like a mare which I am sure you are not. And most importantly I want you to remember that in life there might come a time when the whole world might not believe you but there will be atleast one person apart from you who will and I promise to be that person.
I want you to do a promise to yourself – Never be reckless with others heart and never let anyone else do that to you. If you really feel all this for that person, cut off from that relationship. It is good for you because in the long run such toxic relationships will drain you off. I understand you feel the need to have people around you but such people are not good. And the moment you do away with them you make space for new and nice people to enter your life who will be there with you no matter what.
 It’s a bit difficult in the beginning but it is important to do it for your own self respect and for nobody else. So that one day when you wake up and look into the mirror a stranger is not looking back at you.
There is nothing wrong in being emotional; it purely means you are in touch with your emotions. You know what your heart wants and you listen to it too. Because if you don’t do it for long time there will come a stage where you heart just stops saying things and such people are just pure zombies. So be proud of what you are. Like Dr. Seuss says Nobody is YOU-er than YOU. Love yourself for all that you are, always & all ways!
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Never make yourself a victim in love.  Become a survivor. Let people know the strength of love. Live and bask in love. Let it show on your face. Be happy that you were blessed to know what love is and how it feels to love someone from every fibre of your being. Write letters, pamper yourself, listen to romantic songs, dream but don’t put any conditions attached to them. Trust the universe; if it is supposed to be it will be yours. If it is not, be happy you got to experience it once. Don’t force it to be yours for anything done with force snaps back within no time. Remember rubberbands?
Knowing yourself is the beginning of a lifelong affair with no heartbreaks. So if you have begun doing that I can only say am very happy for you. Please continue this affair as it will help you lead a very happy life with or without anyone.
 As I said don’t attach conditions, sometime back had I asked you - you would not have known that this talk was going to happen. But it did right? And it felt so good for it was unexpected. So just don’t expect. If it’s supposed to it will be. I know it’s not easier and that’s the reason I tell you to keep yourself busy and invest in yourself more than anybody else right now.
I agree people are never considerate about other’s feelings and had that been the case life would have been much easier for all of us. But it is not supposed to be so and so it is. Running away from people is never a solution rather identifying the right people in our life is the only solution. Try to think on those lines!
Loads of love and hugs to you
Me <3

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