Metro Diaries: The Open Window

Warm morning sunrays filtering through the window reached Esha’s face lightening it up instantly. She opened her eyes with a startle to witness honey dipped sunshine beckoning her. She got up and moved the curtains aside to let it all engulf her completely. The warmth seeped inside her as she hugged herself tightly. She loved those moments that she spent by the window for through them she saw a whole new world!
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Daily she would wake up and sit beside that window for hours together, observing life as it passed by conjuring stories in her mind. Her beautiful eyes blinked away like a camera trying to capture every moment as it happened and store it somewhere in her memory bank.
Far across the light pole in the corner she could see a young lady must be in her last twenties dressed in a salwar kameez waiting impatiently for someone. She knew that “someone” too by now. It was her friend who came to pick her every day. And this was a daily practice – she waiting by the shop for her and she being late! Esha giggled thinking about an imaginary conversation between them.
Suddenly her attention went to that little boy running across the street with a kite in his hand. Albeit a bit torn, that didn’t dampen that child’s enthusiasm about having it in his hands. The joy, so evident on his face as he grinned ear to ear holding his treasure in his hands tightly. She recognised him in a jiffy. He was that vegetable seller’s son who lived at the corner of the street. He played here every day and somehow managed to find a new toy to keep himself busy as his mother was busy selling her wares. One day it would the stick he found in the shape of an arch, the other day it would a tyre lying on the road. This boy surely knew the joy of being alive each moment she mused.
She looked at her watch and began stretching her neck looking for someone on the other end of the street. Her eyes had a twinkle in them the moment she spotted “her”. A girl in her mid teens was walking down the street clutching on to her bag tightly.  She had a very pretty looking face, one that was attention grabbing but something in her screamed that she was nervous. Esha shook her head and sighed as she continued her trail of capturing her. That girl walked a little ahead and suddenly slowed down near that red brick house just adjacent to the temple and tried looking up half expecting to go unnoticed.
She would surely have, had it not been for Esha’s sharp sense of observation. There behind those flaying sarees and colourful clothes, one could observe the hazy figure of a young lad standing there trying hard to not be seen! Amidst this hide and seek there was one moment when their eyes met and pure bliss reflected on their faces as that girl continued her journey and that boy vanished behind those clothes making you rub your eyes in disbelief!
Esha’s heard warmed up with such beautiful expressions of love and joy that she saw every day. She loved every moment of what she saw, not wanting it to end and always hungry for more. But one day, it all stopped. That boy no longer ran through that street. That girl never waited for her friend any more. And that couple, God knows what happened of the love story. Life had come to a standstill in that street as those two beautiful eyes that observed it so closely were no longer there!
P.S: The Open Window is a wonderful short story written by one of my favourite author's Saki. I dedicate this post to him for those beautiful stories which made me want to write something like that since childhood. I love windows for a very simple reason they are an outlet for me, something that lets in loads of sunlight, air and of course the noise that makes this world. This picture in the end is reminiscent of the old bygone times I had when this whole idea was thought of. In the month of January I was hospitalised for quite sometime with nothing but a window to my entertainment and all weird thoughts for company. This story was written somewhere during those dark days where all I had was my imaginative mind to keep myself sane.

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