Memoirs and Memories

Life is nothing but a treasure box full of some beautiful memories.
Every time you take a peep in it, you are transported to that time when all that you can remember are the beautiful smiles you had on your face!

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Tonight I dream a dream

A cobweb of thoughts coming together to let out a scream

Hidden desires, unspoken thoughts and unanswered questions

Is all that I am left with!

I want to say and be heard

I want to speak and be understood

I want to cry and be hugged

I want to listen and be told

Can all this walk out of my dreams and come true?

These were my thoughts years ago and one day I got the answer, so was born this blog. Born out of a need, a desire, a necessity to have a place where I could just be me today this place is like my alter ego. A place that defines Me is the most perfect manner possible on this earth. Every time I flip these pages and visit my old posts I find traces of myself I left behind to become what I am today.
And throughout this journey this blog held my hand like a very faithful friend telling me when I faltered that it’s ok to fall down in life as long as you know how to get up once again. It hugged me every time I did something proud worthy and it also kicked me every time I ignored it for all. But the most beautiful part in this relationship is YOU for every time we both (me and my blog) came up with something you with your wonderful presence and lovely comments made it so exciting that we would literally be on 7th heaven for a long time after that.

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Thank you so much for all your love, support and encouragement as always! My thoughts for you on this day are what this picture stands for :) In last three years I have made some wonderful friends, superb critics (trust me every author needs them!!), amazing well wishers and yes also a handful people who make me value the good things in life more! One of such beautiful friend sent this as a gift to me and I had to share this with you here.

Footprints in life that I leave behind ~As I move ahead to make a move Such reminders help me sail through dark clouds as “Ï am loved” is all that they prove!
P.S: My blog completes 3 years today and this was a small dedication to IT and YOU! Wish me luck, I need it and send me loads of love like always for I want it!  


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