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Sometimes in life, there is no right and no wrong; as long as you just keep moving on!

At times in life we all reach a crossroads where the only thing that is clear is confusion. We don’t know what to do, where to go and yet we stand there staring at the both the possibilities trying to hear them speak and give some signal. Last few months were like such crossroads for me where if I craned my neck all I could see was a dead end. That sight was enough to scare me off and make me just stand like without moving an inch. But as they say beyond your comfort zone lays your courage zone. I dared to take a step forward and it all fell into place. Sharing some of those beautiful memories those crisscross ways of life left me with before I take another turn towards a new beginning: 


  • My work – after quitting my full time job as an investment banker I am now working as freelancing editor for various publishing houses and the thrill it gives me is beyond words. As it is said, do what you love and it no longer seems like work. 
  • My health – the recent check up and health reports have some very good signs in it! 

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  • The silver linings that I kept dreaming of are very nearby now. 
  • The new beginnings are going to be much better, happier and lovelier. 


  • My hands remain full with work always. 
  • Abundant love encompasses me till my last breath. 

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  • At those lovely client feedbacks on my work. 
  • Every time I see my blogs and face book page. They help me sail through. 


  • About a lot of things beyond my control 
  • About my health  - I dont want to go back where I came from.

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  • My health continues to improve like this.
  • I never run out of hope.


  • To remind myself that some things are beyond comprehension they are best left as it is. 
  • Some people are just not worth it at all.


  • For my DSLR 
  • For those many other wishes that I could strike off from my wish list this year. 

Every single moment of life – good, bad, ugly whatever it is – it is what makes us what we are and defines us in a manner to make us what we are destined to be. Having faith and holding on tightly as life takes a sharp turn to new beginnings is the only choice left! 

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