Letter to a friend (Post for Chronic Pain India)

Source: www.letters.org

Dear Friend, 

I smile every time I read your last letter: “Anytime you need a friend, I will always be there for you.“ But maybe we never thought of a time when the pain inside me would have strangulated my voice. Would you still be able to hear my cries for help? Will you be a friend, even when I can’t say I need one? 

I need you. I need you to talk to me, listen to me and discuss everything under the sun and not just my disease. I am already facing it day in and out. Talking about it constantly is depressing at times. Let’s talk about the places you have been travelling to or the latest movies released. I would never want it to be about all that should have been but wasn’t. I would rather want it to be about all that can be, shall be and will be.

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