Gratitude Post # 2- February 2019

Yet another month has gone by and I spent the last one week thinking about what all things am I grateful for in February. After a lot of thinking, here's what I have concluded:

1. Work

Since the time I quit my job due to health reasons, I always felt guilty about not being able to write. But since last year I realized that working as an editor/beta reader / book reviewer is also a form of my love for the written word. This year I have been blessed with work I am loving so much that even a phone call seems like a disturbance. I am grateful for the clients who are allowing me to explore my creative abilities to the max and are patient while I work on delivering nothing but the best.

2. A Silent Reader

This year my reviews blog turned 7. It was a mixed feeling because in the last few years reviewing has undergone such a huge change that I have been unable to keep up and have many a times ended up losing quite a lot of opportunities due to it.

Much to my surprise, last week a Marketing head from a reputed publishing house wrote to me about how he had been reading my reviews (not limited to his publishing house only!), sometimes sharing them with friends and colleagues as he admired the way I wrote them. He went onto say that he had learnt a lot from me in terms of book critiquing and could vouch for my rating of a book. 

I am grateful for this gentleman who had been a silent reader of my blog for all these years and shared his thoughts with me on a day when I was bogged down by self doubt, wondering if I should even continue taking books for review.

3. Love for music

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I have loved music since the time I can remember. I had a huge collection of cassettes and always had a song on my lips. Somewhere deep within my heart I know that is what kept me sane throughout the toughest phases of my life. But with passage of time I lost all the cassettes in relocation. People around me found noise in the music I loved and so the liking slowly diminished.

But but but, that love is back and that too with a BOOM! I start my days with music just like old times and end it with music too. I always have a song playing in my mind and it feels so good to be back to that time when even in my dreams I could hear songs and would wake up to a song playing in my head. I have realized I sleep with a smile on my face and that is the best thing about music for me.

What are you grateful for this month?

P.S: This post is all the more special because today exactly 8 years ago I had started this blog. If I deduct the few months in between that the blog was inactive I still managed to stay afloat!

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