Micropoem: Dreams and Desires

Kalindi's Dream

Recently I attended a workshop led by eminent author and poet, Sharanya Mannivannan where we were given a visual tour of the Museum of Art and Photography based in Bengaluru and asked to write pieces inspired by the work we saw. This micro poem is inspired by the painting Kalindi's Dream (pictured above) a work by Patrizia Ma├»mouna Guerresi, who works with photography, video, and sculpture.

 I was told my womb has the power to birth a million new worlds, 
No one said it is also home to the honour and prestige of so many souls. 
Camouflaging desires and dreams, 
I stay veiled to protect my energies, 
They feel it is to save their honour. 
Between my legs lies the doorway to hell they say, 
Isn’t that also the place where so many dreams are born? 
Perhaps that is why those dreams refuse to die despite it all…

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