The Dragon Tales

So I have been away from blogging for almost 15 days now due to various reasons. Today when I logged into my blogger account the most wonderful welcome back gift awaited me!

This is awarded to writers and bloggers for consistently writing back their fans and appreciating other's works.It has been given to me by a wonderful blogger friend Pratikshya  who blogs at Magic Moments. Thank you so much dear for finding me worthy enough for this award!

I am supposed to list down 7 interesting things about myself which I have already done many times before. So today I will list down 7 interesting things as to why THIS is a good sign for me and the best welcome gift ever:

  1. Pratikshya thought I deserved this for writing back to all those wonderful people who spare few of their precious moments reading me and leave beautiful comments. That thought itself it so touching.
  2. Having been away from my first love blogging for so long I missed it like crazy. I know the blogosphere would not change in anyway without me, but Me without my blogs is nothing.
  3. Dragons are considered a symbol of wisdom and longevity - something I could really do with right now!
  4. Dragons are also known to hold some treasure or secrets with them - I need those so badly ;)
  5. An award always means you are thought of, remembered and wished the best fondly. Having been battling with some harsh realities of life since few months this means a lot to me.
  6. It is a reminder of what my first love is always and the encouragement behind it!
  7. It is a much needed push for me to make a new beginning once again.

Collecting all the broken and scattered pieces, not a hale and hearty me but a definitely determined Me will take the pen again and do what I love doing the most in this world - Write. Looking forward to your love and encouragement as always!

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