Innocence & Jealousy ~ This week

Innocence ~ This week

Recently I was on a holiday and I was visiting my 9 year old sister. During that time I learnt some of the best lessons of life which I thought I should share with you: 

1. Like someone because you like them and not because you have been asked to. 
2. Laugh out loud at everything that is funny. That is what those moments are for. Rest everything else can wait. 
3. It is your mind that falls sick; it’s never your body. And the moment you bring it back on track you are completely fit and fine. P.S: The best medicine is 3 hours of back to back Tom and Jerry! 
4. At times it is important to lose, that’s the way you learn new tricks. 
5. Believe in magic, it holds the key to biggest troubles of the world.

 She taught me a lot of other things apart from these all of them etched on my heart to be revised at the opportune moments. She healed a lot of pain though her innocence and most importantly she gave me some hope when mine was beginning to dwindle somewhere. 

Lesson Learnt: Whenever in trouble, learn to become like a kid. That will help you see things you otherwise cannot see. 

Jealousy ~ This Week

Last week as I had gone out for a stroll I observed some people and I was lost in my thoughts. There began my list of laments. I wanted to be thin like her, or maybe pretty like that lady there oh no wait, smart like that guy there. Oh and I also wanted to have an accent like that man standing there…. The list was just endless. I kept on looking at people and my list kept on getting longer and longer when suddenly I noticed one lady looking at me and smiling. I smiled back though a bit reluctantly and finally decided to walk back home. 

On my way back I suddenly realized, maybe there was someone there who wanted to be like me, just the way I wanted to be like them. That is how human psyche is, we want to believe others lives are better than ours easily forgetting that we have the best in whatever we can afford to have. 

Lesson learnt: However much we like to believe – Our lives are beautiful in whatever they are all about. Learn to appreciate it, for this moment someone is appreciating it and praying for their life to be like yours.

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