Strive and Achieve

In the city of hope somewhere in lanes of promises is where I set my heart of gold free.
 It fluttered for a while before breaking free and seeking a new height of its own. 
Racing ahead of all that could hold it behind it seemed to be on a journey anew.
Not very far was a turn that spoke off the wonders that new way held within; 
Scared and scarred it stopped in its tracks as it thought of the nightmares it has been warn against. 
What it didn’t know was beyond the comfort zone is where the courage zone lay.
 It was just a matter of plunge. The heart refused. The mind pushed; 
It continued till a ramble of the cloud brought both of them back. 
Grey clouds and through them the shimmering sun blinding thee!
Hide and seek is what they were playing tempting thou; 
Asking them to come hither and see what lay behind those vast grey skies covering their sight. 
Magnificent is what they were and brilliant was their light!
The heart that was blinded by fear till now suddenly began to sparkle, 
Making everything around it shine and shimmer. 
Strive and you shall achieve it seemed to say as heart went ahead to wander.

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