Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Some scars and memories

Back from a ten day holiday and all that I can think of the place I had gone to. I visited that place after almost 8 years with a lot of thoughts in my mind only to find something very different to my thoughts. I share a bond with the cities I visit, I know it sounds very weird but then that is the best way I can describe it. 

Contrary to what I feel the moment I embark on my trip to Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan etc the moment I left for this city there was a sense of aloofness that imbibed into my heart. Every time I have gone there I get a sense of dejection, as if it is pain wanting me to feel it and hug it tightly. In the process of feeling its pain I sometimes end up reliving some of my past pain. And this time was no different. I ended up feeling its pain, even experiencing its tears in a manner that perhaps cannot be expressed in words. 

 That is the moment when I realized that it isn’t we who define a city for ourselves it is a part of the memories that we share with them do. I remember having some beautiful memories in Mumbai where I experienced love in various forms, those unforgettable childhood memories in the bygone lanes of Delhi and those amazing coming of age moments in other cities. Each and every moment so clearly etched in my memory that it barely takes a fraction of a second for those moments to come alive before my eyes. And this particular city is reminiscent of a lot of pain, some hurtful moments and some people who have given me lot of hurt in particular. Maybe it is this pain that cause me to feel so low when I am there. 

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Life is such an amazing teacher. It sends people to teach us some lessons and when we refuse to learn them the easier way it ensures another medium which leaves a deep imprint of that lesson on our souls. Hurt I might be in that city and yet nothing can change the special place it has in my life for it is like that scar one carries after a deep wound. 

It is in memory of a lesson learnt, the hard way ofcourse. For me that city is a witness to me overcoming those tough times, it holds those dreams for me which today, are a reality. Somewhere safely in its confines it holds the hope I always carried in my heart and going there for me is an attempt to rekindle some of that hope once again in my life when I am just feeling that I have lost it forever. 

It is in the darkest alleys of your life that you realize your true being, your real strength; for in the dark even your shadow leaves you!

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