Random : On Children's Day

Not many moons ago, my healer had told me that my inner child was misplaced and that was the cause for a lot of emotional upheavals I was experiencing. She told me I had abandoned her when she needed me the most and that now I need to cajole her to believe in me, again. 

Picture (C) Privy Trifles

That night I honestly didn't understand what she meant entirely. But yes, I had let myself down and I did know I was lost, scared and worst of it all... dejected. Did it mean I was still a child? Is it bad? Am I wrong? So many questions and no answers. 

Today I can safely say she is back. We have fought many battles together and still are, but being back together feels great. Being able to see life through those innocent eyes, in a new light that is what she brings along apart from a 'Who cares? !' attitude which helps me sail through anything and everything. These are all phases of life. After all childhood never gets over, it is we who cease being a child. And in that, we keep struggling to be an adult despite a possibility that perhaps we are not yet ready for it. I am guilty of it and today I live at my own pace because... what's the rush? 


In picture : Remnants of yet another evening spent blowing soap bubbles while analyzing the different hues of the sky at dusk.

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