Metro Diaries : The Ordinary Love Story

Today, I want to tell the story of Sapna. A girl who true to her name, existed in a dream world of her own or to put it correctly, continues to exist. Since the age of 10, she harbored a huge crush on Shahrukh Khan. One summer afternoon, as she sat staring at the television screen displaying Shahrukh Khan trying to reach heroine's window by climbing a wall, her heart skipped a beat.

'Can it be true? Will someone do this for me also?' Her twelve year old heart wondered and almost instantaneously Universe sent her the answer.

'Huh! All this happens only in movies. There are no such heroes in real life.' Kiran Chachi's voice bellowed across the room shattering whatever tiny hope she had accumulated till then.

And that was that. She wanted to believe her Chachi, but her heart knew she wasn't right. HE can never be wrong was her strong belief. She always looked up to HIM for signs, messages and lessons.

In Dil To Pagal Hai - He taught her, it is okay to have alternate careers. Not everybody is born to become a doctor and engineer. And that is also where she discovered her passion for dancing. Just when she was confused about her career path, he cleared it all in a jiffy.

Through Kuch Kuch Hota Hai she learnt it is okay to feel attracted towards your best friend, it is a part of growing up process.

Life continued to move one and so did she, one thing that never changed was HIM and his lessons for her. She idolized him to an extent that she believed in everything that he said. He talked about soulmates, she believed in them. He talked about eternal love, she believed in it. She had set an image in her mind about her life partner and prayed for it to come true.

He wasn't just an actor or a superstar. For her, HE was her whole world. Friend, guide, teacher, crush, lover, philosopher - the roles he played for her were endless just like the roles he played in his movies. 

Source: Filmy Keeday

Cut to 2008 when she started feeling the pre-wedding jitters. Her parents were looking for a groom for her and she was mighty scared. By now Sapna was a successful chartered accountant who loved dancing in her spare time. Dance for her, was next only to oxygen. But she was told, time and again that she should leave it all behind. After all, a happy married life consisted of many such sacrifices. Well, that is what her mother and aunts had told her since forever.

And this is exactly what she was scared of, she didn't want to leave dancing. She didn't want to change. She wanted to live life just the way she had till now. She wanted her future husband to understand this and not try to change her. But somewhere in her heart, she knew it was too much to as for. She was worried her life partner might be exactly opposite of all this and her life might never ever be the same again.

2008 was also the year when Rab ne Bana Di Jodi was released. Sapna had to fight at home to go watch this movie because the release day clashed with the day the boy's family was visiting them. After cancelling her tickets thrice she finally managed to watch it and there, Universe had sent her answer.

Rab ne Bana di Jodi is the story of an ordinary looking man, who gets married in unusual circumstances to a woman he falls in love with. Going by his looks, she thinks he is too serious and she also changes herself. But on the contrary he disguises himself to bring back her original self. Like the tag line of the movie says 'Sometimes the most ordinary people have the most extra-ordinary love story!' In a movie that was mostly funny, Sapna kept wiping her tears much to the dismay of people around. Nobody knew why this young girl was crying over a movie and that too a delightful one!

And just like every time, Shahrukh Khan had managed to live up to HIS promise. He didn't let her down this time too. She met a man who wasn't exactly conventionally good looking but was exceptionally supportive of her dreams and desires. He made sure the smile never left her face. She continued dancing post marriage. He encouraged her to open a dance school for kids apart from participating in various contests which she eventually won.

The definition of love what she had grown up reading about was extremely different from what she was experiencing. But if she had to make a choice, she was surely choose this kind of love. For it, is forever. Looks are temporary. It is a caring heart which stays with you till the end or maybe after that for it fills your life with abundant love and laughter.

Today, they celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary dancing together in joy!

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