Gratitude Post # 5 - September 2019

Last weekend I had gone grocery shopping. Sounds like the most normal thing to do, isn't it? But well when you have anxiety at it peak for weeks, it is a huge thing to do. On top of it, rains have been incessant for the past few weeks turning me into a homebody. I had began to detest this weather and on Saturday morning when the sun decided to shine through after what seemed like the quarter of a month I decided to go out and get some work done. It took me the longest to manage to reach the supermarket and the crowd there, almost deterred my spirit. However, I kept pushing myself and slowly strolled through the shelves with my headphones on, just to keep my anxiety in check.

To my utter horror, it started pouring heavily. In a blink of an eye it was dark and gloomy with water pouring down non stop from the grey skies. For starters I wasn't carrying an umbrella. On top of it, I was really looking forward to seeing my doctor today, which now again seemed to be getting postponed. My migraine gets worst with rains and with my doctor taking a rain check on all our previous appointments, the headache just kept getting worse. I was angry, to say the least.

Still, I gathered all the stuff I needed and checked out of the store. Waiting at the lobby I kept silently praying for it to stop when my eyes fell on the nearby McDonalds. In a moment I thought maybe I could just make a dash to it, picking my stuff and not get wet too. I will just sit there with a cup of hot chocolate and wait for things to get better. Going home without seeing the doctor didn't seem like a great idea to me, especially since I was off meds for few days now and it didn't look like it was helping.

Angry, flustered and upset, as I took a few steps towards the McDonald's outlet, holding my groceries tightly close to my chest, a lady appeared out of nowhere. I glanced at her, she was walking next to me and in a second she was sharing her umbrella with me. I looked at her again, she smiled at me and asked, "Where do you need to go?" I could barely manage to point out to the outlet. 

She said, "Come along, I will drop you."

"No... please don't bother..."

"There is no bother at all. I can't let you get drenched like this. It is raining heavily. I need to pick my child from the school in the next lane. I still have some time to spare. Come on..."

I simply followed. She dropped me there and left ensuring I was safely inside.

Though I did thank the lady more than once, I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. I had tears in my eyes just thinking about how kind she was to me, a total stranger and was expecting nothing in return.

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In how many ways does God remind you of how loved you are? Of how He is there, taking care of you in every step and making sure you do not go through a rough patch without a tiny fleck of hope to help you smile through it all?

Today, I am thankful to that lady for having reminded me how despite the worst possible rains in our life, the umbrella of God's love and kindness is always there looking out for us.

P.S: I know I haven't update this gratitude diary since April. It isn't that I didn't have anything to be thankful about. It's just that I couldn't manage to bring myself to write about it on the blog. Will be sharing the list for the previous months too soon.

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