Metro Diaries: All over again!

Noorie stopped in her tracks while getting dressed up to go out. A crumpled piece of paper from her pocket had brought along an avalanche of memories. Just a normal day, just a normal outing and just her old favourite pair of jeans was now turning into an abnormal day. 

A bill dated 26th June from her favourite coffee shop stared back at her as she opened the washed piece of paper and strained her eyes to read more. 26th June, that date got struck in her head. That was the day she had shared her last cup of coffee with him. As they walked out of the café hand in hand, he had met with a terrible accident which didn't injure him physically but he fainted on the road much to her dismay.

She hated that café for months after that. She hated coffee. She hated the driver of that bus. She hated life. She hated God. She hated the world. She hated herself. She hated everything. She wanted to swap places with him, rather than him being seeing him like this. That torn piece of paper reminded her of that dark night when she wanted to kill herself, unable to bear this guilt and pain. 

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Just when she felt another panic attack building up in her system, she heard a voice call out to her, "Noorie… where are you? We will be late sweetheart!" And his cute face peeped in from the door soon thereafter.

Noorie dashed to hug Ishaan tightly.

Ishaan was diagnosed with partial amnesia after that accident where a part of his memory was erased and he could not recognize Noorie or remember their beautiful relationship. It was difficult to start all over again with him and Noorie was losing faith in it. But God had some other plans. Ishaan did not remember her, but he couldn't miss the connection he felt with her. They started off as friends, again and soon, he was madly in love with her... once again. Noorie could not believe her eyes when he proposed her, again!

It is not everyday that you get a chance to recreate fresh memories with your loved ones. Every single day thereafter Noorie cherished what God had in store for her. And soon her anger turned into gratitude. After all, Ishaan wasn't lying when he told her, "If I had to start it all over again, I would still choose you!" He did choose her, all over again.

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