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Last night I was sitting by the roadside, looking at the constant flow of people on both the sides. What stuck me the most were the expressions on each one's faces. The expressions were either baffled or puzzled.

This is exactly what we do in the journey of our lives. We are so obsessed with our destination and other additions that come along with it, that we forget to enjoy the journey of reaching it altogether.

Answer it for yourself - How many times have we felt the cool breeze blowing through our hair while driving back home? On our way to office while passing through a garden how many of us have smelt the flowers?

I am thinking........are you ?


  1. Most of the times :). This is the only thing we should never miss. Looks you have written my thought long back which I wrote recently. :'(

    1. Glad to know you do that most of times!

      You must be few of the lucky ones then I guess because I do it very rarely....

      Oh... so I was ahead in thinking somethings huh? ;)

  2. Good one...and good question to ask to everyone out there who think they are living a life where as they are living a machine life...where there is no feelings only thing viable is a goal which every one wants to achieve...and not think about life or nature or people around...!!!

    liked this one...!!!


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