A special note

This is a special note of Thanks to all the people who have been a part of my life.  It’s “YOU” who have made me what I am today by leaving me with unforgettable lessons; both good and bad.

Your every hurt has made me stronger and your every hug has made me smile.Every smile has given me the strength to chase my dreams with more gusto and every tear has pushed me a step closer to my most cherished dream – NIRVANA. 

You all have left beautiful footprints on my life.

You might be there for some reason or some season but I would like to just say from the bottom of my heart –
Thanks for meeting me in this journey of my life!



  1. Nirvana !! It is all we are after. No expectations ;).
    Sometimes you don't need footprints to learn without that also you can learn :)

    1. It is these people who make you learn a few things and walk on a particular path. Had there been no hurt and only love I would have never wanted to leave this path and search for nirvana.

  2. Nirvana...well if it's anybody's aim...then i must say he/say should move up from the feelings of love/hatred/jealousy/guilt and all other earthly emotions...

    i don't know whether you were talking of that situation where the soul becomes free from any emotional attachment to any person living or dead...because to achieve this one has to bade farewell to all his emotions and attachment.

    1. Yes you are right....that is precisely what I mean by Nirvana and that is exactly what I intend to do!


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~ Every word that you leave behind is an imprint on my soul ~

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