An advance Valentine's Day gift

As I wrote about The year that was few days back, my biggest lament was in this one year that I have been blogging I never got any awards....which according to me clearly meant I had to work more harder.

When I uttered those words little did I know what was in store for me.....
This Valentine's I have got an advance gift in the form not 1 or 2 but 6 AWARDS!! Can you believe that ? Even I could not....

Well the awards are from Indianhomemaker she was hosting a contest titled Ek Main aur ek tu  - Guess why I loved this movie;

"You may please grab as many of these badges as the valid reasons you can give for what made me love this movie :lol:" prizes for guessing how I won these award , view my answer HERE

So here's presenting my AWARDS :

Source: Google Images

Thanks IHM you made my Valentine's Day.

Source: Google Images

Could I have asked for anything more....the answer is a big FAT NO!

Source : Google Images


  1. Great...

    Happy for you my dear..

  2. congrats for all those awards...

    totally my view (on my writing and my thinking...don't compare with anything or anybody else...!!!)
    from a personal point of view...i have never known about any wards nor did i aspire to get my intentions are not to make a name for myself through wards but to reach to all the hearts of the world through my writing...if i ever get any appreciation that would highly regarded but it's never my aim...!!!

    1. Thanks :)

      I will not compare your view with anyone coz we are all unique like our thoughts!

      I could say the same about getting published for I never wanted name and fame. I like it when I get awards for it means I managed to make a difference through my writing which is being appreciated now.

  3. so this was your first award!! Congratulations for it!! yayyyyyyy!! where is cake cutting and party to the readers ? :-/
    They looks so nice on your blog and you totally deserve them I am just wondering why you got so late :-o
    This sardarji can't beat that guy dancing in your another award but still this is also good. :)

    1. Yessssssssss...this indeed was :)

      You are always more than welcome for the party!!

      Late or early I don't know, but the biggest thing is I got them.. and that is what matters. Everytime I see my feathers in my cap page I beam :D

      Oh ha...that I agree..but at this time I was in mood for some bhangra you see - balle balle!


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