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Few days ago in random Google search I came across this beautiful picture which seemed to have its own story to tell me. This triggered my imagination leading to this poem;

Source: Google Images

On the shores with myself, deep inside the waters,
As i feel the dampness on my legs,
The wind gushes past me creating ripples on my soul.
Looking at the shore, wondering what's in store.
Searching for a way ahead, staring at the sky, praying for silver lining.
Surrounded by the mountain and tress,
Feeling the warmth of the sun around me.
I imagine the sky which is completely mine,
A place to put my feet firmly on the ground.
I see the world to be my canvas beckoning me to colour it of my choice.
I am at peace with myself having found my true calling.
Finally I have got my wings ,
waiting to spread and take on a flight of its own.

P.S: This poem has been published in Kaleidoscope ezine's May 2012 issue.


  1. Amazing, Amazing and Amazing Me! Full of expressions, feelings and imagination. Loved it. :)

  2. @ Rachit

    Thx :)

    "Amazing" is the word which comes to my mind also every time I see this pic!

  3. very lovely thought..very well expressed..all the best for the contest!

  4. May you take a successful and fulfilling flight! :)

  5. @ Uma

    Thanx a ton!

    @ Canary

    AMEN - thx 4 ur wishes!

  6. sheer bliss...you know when a person could think of a poem by looking at the picture...it's sign of the exceptional power of a writer/poet...


    1. :P

      OMG !! I never knew that. Actually google images is my favourite time pass. And almost all my poems are inspired by pictures rather than the write ups and then looking for a picture.... Now I am wondering if what you said can be connected to it!!

      Thanks :D

  7. Image looks so nice and pleasing. I remember you saying it once before as well that you get thoughts from the pictures:) It's amazing me. I admire your thought process a lot for this. I loved the last lines of the poem a lot as always your ending is awesome. actually I got lost in between as it was little bouncer for person like me.mine fault. :)

    Keep writing poems :)

    1. I agree, this is one of the best pictures I have ever found as my wall paper. Everyone who saw my cell phone at that time complimented me for it :)

      Thanks so much, yes this poem is deep. Not your fault I think.... !!


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