10 promises to make to yourself

10 things YOU should promise yourself to lead a better LIFE
 Because loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong affair with no heartbreaks!

Source: Google Images  

  1. Accept yourself for who you are
  2. Love unconditionally
  3. Listen to your heart. 99.99% of times it will save you from a disaster.
  4. Create unbreakable bonds and not fragile relationships with everyone you meet
  5. Accept compliments and criticism with equal elan
  6. Begin each day with a hope in heart and smile on your lips
  7. Believe in yourself - If you could come this far, you can still go further.
  8. Live - each moment and not for some moments
  9. Remember perseverance and persistence take you a long way
  10. Be kind to one and all; because only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

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