Missing you

This is dedicated to a Friend, I always wanted to have but never had.....

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I Miss You;

  • When something really good happens and I want to share with you jumping in the air exchanging hi-fi
  • When I see a bride-to-be surrounded by giggling friends teasing her
  • When a cute looking guy passes by and I am tempted to make a comment
  • When I lay my hands on some juicy gossip and I just want to share it
  • During those window shopping trips to malls
  • When I want to bitch about my boss and collegues
  • When I am really sad and I want someone to make me feel better by saying " Chillax...hota rehta hai."
  • When all I want is a hug to cheer me up whenever I fail in anything
  • To eat at those roadside joints and make a hangout of our own
  • To share my fears and nightmares at 2 AM in the night

My Friend, I miss you all the times because I know had you been here ~ My joys would have multiplied, sorrows subtracted, tears divided and giggles added !!

Miss you

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