Hey Privy Trifles is One

Hey Privy Trifles completes a year of blogging today....

I have very mixed feelings right now - start with confusion, pride, happiness to fear. Confusion about what next, pride for where I have reached, happiness as I have completed a year and fear of the unknown.

Nevertheless this definitely calls for some celebration!!

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To celebrate this occassion I have decided to have my very own awards on this occasion.I googled a lot about Blog Awards and found many things which would be tagged and take forward. But I don't know why the didn't click with me . You understand what I mean , that typical feeling you get when you get exactly something you are looking for. So finally I got tired and decided to THINK. And the results are for YOU to see and let me know what you feel about it.

So here's presenting ................

Because we are KHAS and our blogs are KHAS too...hence the name "Blog-E-Khas" . Unlike the other usual awards , these are a bit hatke. Normally in awards the categories are first decided and then the nominees are decided from which the finally the winners are decided.

But as these awards are KHAS and HATKE, I selected the winners first :) Yes I made a list of top 10 blogs which I came across and loved in this one year. Then I decided upon that one word which describes their blog perfectly as per Me. And then lastly I found some relevant pictures and created the award categories.
I know its kind of ajeeb but I like is that way - ajeeb different that the rest.

So I dedicate today's evening to all those lovely bloggers who have taught me a lot through their blogs in the last one year.

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