The Blog-E-Khas Awards

Finally the winners of the Blog-E-Khas Awards....

This one year has been a beautiful journey and I have tried to do everything that I wanted to once I started this blog. I added my poems, my book reviews, those daily lessons which life throws our way and last but not the least coming on FB [ Though I am still in the process of learning it!! :)]

I have got encouragement in the form of such nice comments and fellow-bloggers which has made me want to pursue it more and more. Don't worry I wont bore you more with my Oscar speech of I would like to thank A B C....Blah blah blah...

I can't wait to disclose it now as I have been planning for it since sooooooooooooo long !

The award for A beautiful blog goes to The world thats mine :)

The I love your blog award goes to MoSaiC

The award for Adorable blog goes to My musings

The Hats OFF award goes to Sentimientos

The ICYSPICY award goes to Blog De Naresh Khoisnam 

The Interesting Blog award Thoughts on Platter

The WOW Blog award to Tarang

The CHOOOCHWEET Blog award to Sip of life

The Inspiring Blog award to Indian Homemaker 

The Wonderful Woman Blogger award to Endeavours

The Golden Quill Award to SFTH

[P.S : Please note the awards have not been presented in any sequence or hierarchy]

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such wonderful blogs and making my journey in this blogging world so worthwhile as I learnt so many things from  you all. I truly mean each and every award presented to you and also admire your writing skills to the hilt. Unlike other blog awards this award is without any T & C. So please feel free to display these on your blogs and also present them to your friends , as long as you don't mind crediting me with creating them

Cheers....all those lessons and to many more such lessons...!

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  1. Thank You!! Honored!! You may like to take part in this contest,

  2. WOW, Me!!!
    I am so touched by this sweet gesture of yours. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to have given me such a prestigious award.
    Ok, even I won't bore you with my Oscar speech...;-)
    But, truly, you made my day! :-D

  3. @ IHM

    Your most welcome...thanks, would surely take part in this.

    @ Uma

    I am glad I could make your day :)

  4. Hey! Thanks for the award, I'm honored :)

  5. Congrats on the first anniversary of your blog..I love your creative write ups..let your words flow..keep writing..
    And thank you so much for honouring me with the award..your award will drive me to write better..:)

  6. @ Naresh
    @ Rinku

    The privilige is all mine :)
    Thanks for your wishes!

  7. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy . Thanksssssss A Ton

  8. Oh wow! I'm highly honored! I'm actually not able to gulp this fact that I can inspire anyone when I see everyone around an inspiration. Thank you so much for reading my scribbling and crediting them. I'm overwhelmed and yeah, touched. :)

  9. Congratulations on completing one year of nice blogging And Thank You so much for “WOW” blog award! I’m so happy that you find my words wonderful. It’s a huge compliment and encouragement.So sweet of you:) Thanks again!

  10. @ Angie

    You are most wc :)

    @ Rachit "I see everyone around an inspiration." - Precisely my point. You are most welcome, looking forward to more such superb scribblings from you :)

    @ Tarang

    Oh yes no doubts about it! :)

  11. Wow--Wonderful Women Blogger Award on Womens Day. Thanks a lot, made my day truly

    Wishing all the wonderful women out there a very Happy Womens Day.

    Really an inspiration to write better.
    Thank you so much


  12. @ Horizon

    You are most welcome :)

  13. Hi Me, your award is adorning my hall of come and have a look..:-)

    1. feels lovely there as if just belonged there :D

  14. Thank you so much, Privy!
    I am honored :)


    1. You are most welcome Arti - the pleasure is all mine!!

  15. Oh no! This is surprise. I just logged in blogger almost after a month and I see an award coming my way..........
    Thanks "ME" from the bottom of my honored:)

    1. WOW...m glad I could do that!! You are most wc..the pleasure is all mine :)

  16. I have never know such award exist...probably i have never been exposed to the blogging world...before...!!!

    1. Nahi re... no such award exists!!!

      I created them to make it special for my special blogger friends :)

    2. ok...i got it am bit like tube light at times bear me with that(though generally people tell me i am the one who could grasp the zest much before the opening lines are finished)......!!!

    3. Arre nothing like tubelight and if you are one, then welcome to the fraternity for I am known to be bigger one :D

  17. Oh here is the winners lists ;) Sounds very funny and interesting awards list to me.
    You are really creative at it. And I appreciate you a lot for your hard work in designing those badges :)

    I thought your oscar speech should be little bit more longer ;)

    Keep awarding people and appreciating them :)

    1. Hmm maybe this year it will be longer.

      HE he..thanks a ton..I really had a lot of googling behind all this.


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