Happpiness is making a Happiness is list of your own

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I had read a story few years back which spoke about the If-Then syndrome we all suffer from. We tend to associate our happiness with various incidents of our life and in the end realise that it was all not worth it. What we forget it that happiness is a decision we need to make. It is a choice. It is everything but confusion. If you want to be happy – BE. As simply as it could be said. Why do we need a reason to be associated with it.

Many times when I am smiling in the morning or my status is a happy one I am asked for the reason and I just say because I felt so. In the morning when I got up today I felt that I should smile more today and I just did that. And if you really need reasons to be happy there are so many of them all around you. Starting with being alive, being healthy to almost everything that you can associate it with. 

There is this wonderful FB page called Happiness is where there are various cute reasons completing this sentence.  So I thought why not make my own list ~

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  • Someone learning your favourite song in your mother tongue and singing it at midnight to wish you a Happy New Year
  • Being remembered by someone whom you had long forgotten.
  • Receiving an appreciation email from the chairman of the company where you work stating he read the story written by you and loved it!
  • Being given cute-sweet-adorable nicknames by friends. (Makes me feel like a child all over again!!)
  • Hearing you inspire me from someone.
  • Laughing till 2 am chatting with friends over nothing.
  • Planning a surprise for a friend and imagining the joy it will bring along.
  • Listening to someone’s life story and suddenly feeling proud of where you have reached.
  • Looking back and smiling at all that was for you are thankful it isn’t.
  • Getting a virtual hug and feeling it as good as real.
  • Receiving surprise gifts and feeling the sender’s thoughts behind it as you hold the gift in your hands.
  • Being constantly reminded of what you mean to someone.
  • Trying something “so-unlike-you” and be complimented on it.
  • Doing what you heart says and feel content.
  •  Listening to lovely voice messages over and over again which tell me how much I am missed.
  • Getting a bundle of letters written to me over a period of time as a gift.
  • Being able to accept yourself the way you are – with all your perfect imperfections which make you YOU – uniquely YOU.
  • Falling in love all over again with LIFE, yourself and almost everything around you.
  • Being able to sing after a long bout of cold and sounding wonderful!
  • Killing someone with kindness. (Trust me it is more than just HAPPINESS!!)
  • Spending the night under a star studded sky on a full moon day talking to a loved one.
  • Feeling cared and loved by friends especially when you are unwell from faraway cities in the form of songs, messages, voice messages, pictures or just simple phone calls.
  • Spending the whole night looking at old photographs and reliving each moment.
  • Listening to a friend giggling like crazy and knowing you are reason behind it.
  • Going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning with a huge smile on your face reminding you how blessed you are!
In our eternal quest for happiness we forget the most important thing and that is:

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P.S: Recently I did something which my heart wanted to very badly. Take a break from everything and just laze around. I have been on holidays before to unwind but this time I did something I never did before. Be away from my blog. This is the lowest number of posts or writing that I have done in a long time. But then long bouts of sickness followed by haphazard changes pushed me to do this. And needless to say I am feeling happy now so much that it pushed me to write this. Needless to add this is going to be my New Year resolution. To write my happiness list daily, it surely boasts the spirits up, up and above. I will be back soon to my usual blogging, writing, looking forward to your love as always! Do like my FB page to stay updated on what I am doing when I am not here!!!


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