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You, I and pain seem to share a complicated relationship. Every time I am hurting and broken you beckon me with outstretched arms, hold me so tight till everything seems alright. There is no hurt or pain remaining thereafter, only LOVE does. Maybe this is what first love is all about. Despite everything it never ceases to exist!

Coming to you once again to feel the love yet another time...

# Mumbai

These lines define my love for Mumbai perfectly. Two months ago when the going got tough for me I decided to get going. I packed my bags to rush into the arms of my eternal love Mumbai. One week of being there and I was blushing like a teenager in love.

It was love at first sight for me with Mumbai when we met almost a decade ago.  If those never ending lanes where I could easily get lost never to be found again, amazingly tall buildings reminding me how miniscule a part I am of the Universe, perfect blend of people from every nook and corner of the world were not enough there was the sea. Mesmerizing, ever inviting, alluring and exciting it was everything that seemed to soothe my soul. One sight and I was smitten beyond words.

Every wave that hit the rocks below my feet felt like a tender caress. Every whiff of breeze that tickled me felt like the warm touch of a lover.  I closed my eyes stretched my arms and engulfed into its embrace completely dissolving myself. That one moment and I realized what it felt to be at peace. A perfect moment is what it could be called. It's not about the perfect dress, perfect hairstyle, perfect look or perfect accessories; it's about the PERFECT moment when your heart and mind are in perfect tandem with each other resulting into pure bliss that resonates your entire being! And bliss it surely was.

I wish I had words to explain the feeling I have right now even as I type this out. In simple words it is invigorating. I came back with a very heavy heart that night but since then every time when my pain gets unbearable my love has beckoned me with open arms and hugged me till I am strong enough to face the world again.  And since then this affair just continues with a madness that keeps increasing every time we meet.

Perhaps my thoughts when I left Mumbai can explain it better ~

Silent breeze plays with my hair and a faint smile appears on my lips as I am completely surrounded by your love. I blush as you caress my cheeks to make me beautiful once again. Hugging you makes me feel alive and......I fall in love with you all over again!

P.S: This is a new segment I have started on my blog bringing together two of my loves – travelling and blogging. In this segment I will talk about the places I keep visiting either for work or for pleasure and share my experiences about them.

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