Metro Diaries: Memories

My love,

Flipping through the pages of a photo album I reach a particular photograph of US. Serene and calm, that picture looks untouched from all the changes our lives have been through. Feeling it through the tips of my fingers I could almost hear the unspoken stories that picture had to narrate. With passage of time somewhere that picture seems to have got hazy as it adorns the realms of my mind. 

Turning back the pages of time the memory captured in that moment etched in my heart clearly starts making movements, breathing, kicking and finally it comes completely alive.  Plucking a leaf out of my wandering thoughts I grab a thread and weave it around the memory, just to hold it a bit more tightly. Those smiles adoring our faces look so resplendent; a strange sense of calm is what I experience as I keep staring at that picture.

P.S: This post has been removed for it has been selected to be a part of a book.

Source: Google Images

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