Inspired Inscribes- 29

Sharing a chat I recently had with a wonderful person whom I call my inspiration:
He: So you write too?
Me: Yes.
He: So when is your book coming out?
Me: I feel there is still time for it. I am yet to master the nuances of writing to write about 60000-100000 words that will hold the attention of the readers and leave them wanting more.
He: I saw your blog and you do write well.
Me: Wow! You did. Thank you so much! But I feel I could do much better than this. And for a book there is much more than this that is needed from a writer.
He:  You know the first thought that came to my mind the moment I saw your blog was respect. Writing might be your passion but you respect it also. And that shows in your writings and your blogs. I agree with you when you say you can get better. I am sure each one of us can. For strive for improvement is something all of us have. But that should not deter you from making an attempt. For when you began blogging you didn’t write this well, it came over a period of time. So is the case with writing.
You should not write because there are people who want to read you. You should not write with the fear that you will disappoint them.  You should write because you want to write. You should write because then you will be doing something you are born to do and that is to write. You should write because that is what you heart wants the most to do and because there is a story in you which you feel needs to be told.  Let the story obsess you so much that you have to grab it and be done with it. And that is when you will write the best that you can.
Me: (smiling) But I don’t know what to write on.
He: Never choose a story. Let a story choose you and that is when you will be engulfed in it completely. And as Ernest Hemingway said, “It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way!!”
Needless to say” He” was the first person I told about my story being selected and getting published. And his reply was equally touching “I knew that! And this is just the beginning. Just keep giving your best and see the new world that unfolds before you. God bless!”
Such incidents make me wonder how blessed I am. The person I am referring to here is an author who had mailed me asking me to review his book and this conversation happened in response to that. What touched me the most was, he did not need to do all this and yet he did. He spoke to me for few moments and perhaps unknown to him he changed the whole way I looked at my writing. I am eternally grateful to him and yes I am working on my first book. He is truly an inspiration for me !
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