The Last Lap

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For everyone the last lap of the race is the most difficult phases of all, because one it is the most decisive one hence of utmost importance and secondly it is phase you reach having already used all your strength only to realize you need some more of it. The challenge is to continue the race putting in perhaps more than what you can or already have! As at that time winning does not become important what is important is to reach the end.

When I began this year all that I had was hope in my heart, few dreams in my eyes and loads of desires within me to make all of them come true. As the year comes to an end I still have only hope with me. The dreams have changed and so have the desires but what has not changed is the zeal to still move on. Some of those dreams crashed badly, making me bleed as they died while some desires took away a part of me when they left. And yet there is something that is holding me from inside as tightly as it did last year making me foresee yet another time into the future and remember all that it took to be here and what is needed to stride ahead.

Because as it is said, sometimes it does not matter how far the destination is; what matters is how far you have come from where you were before. For sometimes the journey is the destination.

  • That moment when the word “author” got associated with me, holding my book in my hands and see my name in print
  • Those beautiful comments every time I log into my blog for they remind me that I CAN.
  • The fact that after having battled with it for years I have finally overcome one of my biggest insecurities.
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  • There is a silver lining to all the grey clouds around me right now.
  • Love still exists in this world in the most beautiful form ever waiting to be embraced by me.
  • Despite all that has happened, is happening or will happen in future, at the end it will all be fine and will prove to be worthwhile.

  • To dream a bit more.
  • To read a bit more. ( Yes a 100 books a year are LESS!!!)
  • To LIVE  and LOVE a bit more

  • When I am told I inspire and am given a bunch of letters written to me over a period of 2 years.
  • Remembering all those wonderful people I met in this year who reminded me how wonderful it is when you listen to your heart and do what you love ( In my case WRITE)
  • When I hear I am proud of you from some of my very close loved ones.
  • For some of my dreams which I never thought would get fulfilled came true.
  • Having accepted myself for all that I am – with my flaws, and perfections.
  • As I see how far I have made it given all that I endured for sometimes it’s just important to keep moving ahead.
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  • My health gets a little better for I have been battling with it since last December.
  • I keep hoping till my last breathe like this despite all that happens.
  • I keep smiling throughout for that is one thing I cannot do without.
  • To continue listening to my heart, always and all ways.
  • To hold on tightly as the roller coaster ride called LIFE takes sharp turns.
  • To start my Thought for today on my other blog once again to keep in touch with my inner self.
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  • My regular blogging (Unlike before I am hardly writing these days!) Though I am scribbling daily in bits and pieces.
  • Some people who no longer are a part of my life but have left some beautiful memories. But then I know their presence was more painful.
  • A part of me which seems to have to gone into hibernation.

  • About things which are beyond my control.
  • That someday I might run out of things to write and it scares me beyond everything.
  • Of being not able to reciprocate love someday having been hurt so much. 

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When I die I would like to be remembered as a dreamer;
 Who dreamt all her life and died with dreams in her eyes;
Battling through all that came my way, facing all the truth and lies.
And when I meet the maker I want to be all smiles!
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