Somewhere down the road

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Somewhere down the road on the journey of LIFE we tend to sometimes forget that it is ok to stop, gather your courage, regain the energy and start afresh for after all it is the journey that matters more than the destination. We are almost half way through this year and when I look back I see confusion amidst all the other good and bad things as well. I see love, hope, wishes and a lot of other things but they are all engulfed in clouds of confusion making it difficult for them to shine through. An attempt through this post to beckon the sunshine and make these things spread their cheer all around:

• I am much better in terms of health that what I was few months back.
• The way LIFE is surprising me every day with new things and challenging my zeal to stay smiling.
• This too shall pass.
• Things will be fine, soon. Maybe not now, for perhaps right now they are not just meant to be.
• Things were not what they are.
• *few* People were what they should have been.

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• Counting all the milestones I achieved this year.
• Knowing that I have struck off at least 5 things off my wish list and we are just 5 months down.

• The *unmentionable* tests I underwent in January were just tests and not a reality.
• He doesn’t let go of a chance in reminding me how special I am to Him.
• All the grey clouds around me are just temporary and that silver lining and sunshine are waiting for me not too far off.
• That this is just a bend and not the end in the journey of life.

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• To remember that all that happens, happens for good. Maybe the reasons are not yet known to me, but somewhere at the right time it will all fall into place.
• To hold onto my hope and belief for all that is just momentary, nothing lasts forever – neither joy nor pain.
• My old self who wasn’t so confused about a few things.
• Few people who had promised to be there forever, but then perhaps their meaning of forever was only till here.
• About how things will turn out on which I am currently working very well knowing that the output is not in my hands. Only the efforts are.
• Thinking of the uncertainty that is lurking around me as of now in terms of future though I know even knowing it all perhaps wouldn’t have helped in any way.
Knowingly- unknowingly a lot of things that happen in life tend to define us. They make us what we are and it continues till we reach a phase where we define life. We become what we are destined to become and thereafter there is no looking back. But till then, it goes on for ~
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