Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Love, Lost & Found ~ Part 2

In continuation to Part 1

Before he could say anything, she quipped in. “How do you know?” 

Realizing what a let-out that statement sounded like she slapped her forehead and reframed her question, “What made you think I am?” 

“Your eyes!” He smiled as he took another sip of his coffee. It felt as if the surprises for her weren’t over yet. 

“Huh? My eyes told you that I am lonely?”

 “Well… not exactly but ya… I see the same kind of lost look in them I see in my eyes every time I face the mirror.” 
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His reply made her stop sipping the coffee she had just managed to grab. She stared at him with thousands of questions floating in her mind but her eyes depicted a different picture altogether. 

As he continued to stare into those deep pools of emotions, all he saw was unending love. He saw the abundant hope she carried within, one that could burn down all the doubts of the world. Somewhere in their realms he also saw the power held to turn any dream into reality just by a mere touch. In those eyes he saw, his life. 

He so wanted to hold her hand and say, “I am here now, I promise to take away all your loneliness and never let you feel like that again. I will be your soul, your heart and fill every crevice of your body with so much love that never ever will you experience nothingness again.” But he held himself back, sadly he didn’t know why. 

She wanted to hear a lot from him today, but she didn’t know if it will be said. She wanted to say a lot, wondering if she will be heard. Nevertheless they finished the remaining coffee in complete silence and bade each other good bye with a heavy heart.

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 That evening they knew they had heard much more than what was spoken from each other’s mouth but could their heart be trusted more than their mind. This question rendered them sleepless as they kept debating about it till wee hours of the morning only to be reassured by the dawn that at the end of it all, their heart was right. 

A new day had begun with a new hope where both of them stared at the same sun, one promising to be heard and the other promising to hear. After all not all love stories have love in the very first page. There is a boy who is confused about what he wants in life. There is a girl who is shy about her feelings. They meet. They like each other. And after that, if there is anything remotely attracting them to each other is when love comes into the picture.

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