Diary of a Lost Wanderer: Metamorphosis

There comes a stage in life where despite all that you do, it all goes wrong. Driving you to a point where you feel there is no return. You want to hold onto your belief, but the rope has started giving up. You don’t want to fall apart but the cracks are coming at a deafening speed. You want to have faith, but everything else advices against it. This was my condition in the last few weeks. It felt as if the whole world was asking me questions together, while I had nothing but questions of my own to offer in turn for I was equally clueless. You can imagine the chaos in my mind. 

Personally, I am like a tortoise. Much to the agony of my loved ones the moment I sight trouble I withdraw into my own shell, battle those problems and come out when it is all fine. My loved ones sometimes are irked by this behavior but I guess by now they have given up knowing that I am in no mood to change that thing about my nature. Well there is a reason why I am like that! (Long story will save it for some other day

Coming back to this, as you might have guessed by now I withdrew into my shell snapping all possible ties that I could with anyone remotely associated with the human world. The long list of missed calls on my phone is a witness to that. No replies to personal messages, no writing, reading or for that matter even chatting with friends. I was off and for me it is pretty natural. It is said that at the time when you are looking for answers, they arrive from the most unexpected quarters. And that is what happened with me. 

One chilly morning, moving out of my bed lazily I grabbed my cup of coffee and went outside to sit in the sun. The warmth felt strangely comforting, at least it didn’t have any uncomfortable questions or awkward (and most of the times unwanted) suggestions for me. It felt peaceful there. Holding that warm cup of coffee I saw the smoke curls it gave out, followed their trail to the clouds and let my mind drift away. Letting the warmth seep into my soul I was basking in the tranquility that had surrounded me when all of a sudden a beautiful butterfly came and sat on my knee. 

I was taken aback. Never had I witnessed one so closely. I watched as it danced, opened its wings, twirled around not once but twice showing off its design. I saw the grace with which slowly flapped its wings open and shut. Oh my! It was surely a sight to behold. I had almost held my breath at that moment careful enough not to scare it away. After a full-fledged five minute performance it flew away, as abruptly as it had come. 

Source: Google Images
As I tried finding an answer to this mystery in Google I came across this: 

Butterflies denote change. Their journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly is one of the most painful ones and yet one that makes it beautiful. It is life changing and one that denotes that this is the way you grow in life. It's strength lies in its acceptance and that is how it is able to go through that painful process. Also called metamorphosis, it shapes you and makes you what you are destined to become in life.

And that is when it all fell into place. All the answers were found and the doubts laid to rest. The Universe had sent its most trusted messenger to convey what I needed to hear.

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