My tryst with marriage ~ A new series

As a girl born in a country like India I have had my own share of stories to share when it comes to the topic of marriage. So here I bring along a new series called My tryst with marriage, written almost four years ago with the idea of making it into a novel but then dropped it entirely as I felt there were too many such books already in the market. 

As it kept rotting in some corner of my folder I felt the need that it deserved one chance to show its worth to you all. And if by this I am able to make even one of you smile for a moment I would feel it was all worth it. 

Just before I start the series: The stories are a huge mix of fact with fiction and not all stories are mine. Some are of my friends and cousins which have been taken with due permission and molded to give it the shape you are going to read it in now.

With this I don't intend to make fun of any person, place, religion or a social institution like marriage. I respect marriage as an institution and completely believe in its values. I respect each and every individual around me, but most importantly I respect myself. It is from that respect this series comes up as many times I have felt it being tramped over and hurt me enough to push me to write this story.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing it. Writing is surely cathartic. 

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