My tryst with marriage: Part one “Marriages” – A mystery made in Heaven (1)

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Does something called “Perfect ~Marriage” really exist? Or is it a myth. I think the word “perfect” is the most misinterpreted and misused term in English dictionary. Every individual has his or her perspective towards things. What may be perfect for one might not be perfect for the other. Perfection is possible only in logical things like chemical solutions or arithmetic problems. So how do we define something like a perfect marriage? 

One of the Vedic marriage chants says: 

I am he; you are she. 
I am song; you are verse. 
I am heaven; you are earth. 
Let us two dwell together here; Let us generate children. 

Do we really follow this in our married lives? Do we understand the deeper meaning of marriage? Or has the word ‘better half’ lost its meaning amidst all this confusion? The thing which remains a mystery is that how come people expect perfect partners while they themselves are imperfect. I think they must be seeing the world through their rose tinted glasses where everything is just rosy pink and perfect. 

I think it’s high time they are given a rude wake up call to face the real world where we all have our own share of imperfections and that’s what makes us different. If we all would be perfect we would be just boring duplicates of each other. No one individual is perfect. But there is always a perfect match for everyone. Just like two pieces of puzzle. Which are not perfect, but they make a perfect picture only when they are fit into their correct matching piece of puzzle. 

It’s not only about finding the right person but also about being the right person. There is no sure shot formula for a perfect successful marriage which has worked for one and all. Just like the meaning of marriage differs from person to person, the reasons leading to a perfect successful marriage also differ.

~To be continued

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