My tryst with marriage: Part one “Marriages” – A mystery made in Heaven (2)

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Marriage is a meeting of two souls. It is a relationship which consists of love, respect, care, understanding, security, concern, space and many other things which are necessary for any healthy relationship. Like one of my friends had once said, “It is the only relationship in the world with no blood ties yet the closest one.” 

It is a bond where a man and a woman are together for each other, with each other, by each other to complement each other. A man is incomplete without a wife. And a woman is incomplete without a husband. They have an inseparable existence. Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman to form the nucleus of a new family. It is an emotional bond of two lives for eternity. It is the union of equals, with mutual respect, love and trust. 

The man and the woman form a family that is going to provide for their children, provide a setting for both to enjoy life to the best and be happy. Due to the changing scenario, the true meaning of marriage has lost its sheen. Undoubtedly in today’s world the meaning of marriage has become more complicated. Marriage is not just coming together of individuals. There is much more to it. Companionship is one of the prime reasons why we all should marry. But are we ready for that? The current world has made all of us so individualistic that we want our opinions to be heard and views to be respected but we don’t want to do the same in return. 

We want our say to retain our identity but we don’t respect others for the same. We have successfully modified the definition of marriage to suit our requirements. Under the impact of modernization marriages have been reduced to more of a convenient based arrangement rather than a need based one. It would make an interesting study to analyze the different perceptions and aspirations of young men and women on the institution of marriage. 

Apart from the qualifications, the physical attributes of a girl are of prime importance to be considered for marriage. While in a sharp contrast a boy’s only credential is his salary which is directly proportionate to his qualifications. Considering it rationally, the burden on the female front is definitely higher. Even as we are talking about it, in some remote corner the search goes on for a “tall, dark and handsome boy” or a “fair, slim and homely girl”

~To be continued

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