Postcard from memories #25

Today I witnessed one of my childhood memories closing down permanently. Painful for a moment I felt maybe it has a message in it for me. I faintly remember those lazy weekend evenings spent with friends as a teenager trying hard to look prim and proper without looking made up. Pretending to be all grown up, wanting to be all grown up and yet knowing that it will take a while before I am actually a grown up. I can still smell the yummy food that was served here. The cheerful atmosphere which always surrounded this place and the smiles it managed to bring on our faces every single time. 

This being the only eatery nearby my house made it more accessible for me as getting permission was easy .Last heard it was getting difficult to manage it and they have sold to someone who is going to revamp it completely before opening it to public. As I looked back one last time before taking the left turn that leads to home it tugged my heart for a moment before I thought, " Maybe its high time I also leave some old memories behind... if nothing else then just to make space for new ones to build up."

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