Metro Diaries: The Celebration

Vikas smiled as he remembered the conversation. "I am waiting for you just outside your office. Please spare only 5 minutes for me today... please !"

This was the umpteenth call from her requesting Vikas for 5 minutes of his time and he knew very well what she wanted. It was his birthday and she wanted to wish him in person just to let him know how special he was for her. Needless to add he couldn't manage to go. It was fortnightly reporting day and he had to get his numbers right, after all an impressed boss was what it took to get his dream promotion. 

He continued staring outside, the slight chill in the air making him wrap his arms tightly around himself. Sitting in his air conditioned office he had forgotten how it felt till today when he opened the window reminiscing about her. She loved winters, those long drives late in the night when his shifts got over. She would wait patiently till he finished his day's work just to be with him for 15 minutes as it was her deadline to get home. Those mornings when she would pick him up from his PG and drop him at his office just to be able to spend 20 minutes with him. She would not only bring his lunch but also keep his spirits high to keep him pepped up all the time as he slogged away for a brighter future. Never ever would she complain or make a demand, all she asked for was his smile, a tender hug and a honey dripping I love you from him. For her "HE" was a reason enough to keep celebrating for a lifetime. 

Before his thoughts could go any further a soft knock on the door broke that chain. "Sir, some papers which are needed urgently today." His manager said before leaving the room after dropping a huge stack of files on his table.

Vikas sighed. He had let go of that love which had warmed his heart once, he deserved this coldness. He had chosen to marry his boss's daughter just to ensure he climbed the ladder to success quickly and broken a tender loving heart somewhere for no fault of hers.

Today was his birthday yet again, but today there was no cheerful face which was waiting for him outside his office with a cake begging for just 5 minutes of his time. And today he would have done anything to have 5 minutes with her but he knew it would never happen. Now all he had was her memories to warm his heart during such winter evenings and help him keep sailing amidst all the storms he had self-invited in his life.

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