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Yet another year comes to an end. Too many good things that are coming to my mind along with the bad that happened in this year. But then who would choose to cry when they can smile. This year is unforgettable for me in many ways. This year somehow seems to be the perfect coming of age for me. I know you would laugh at this as I am already three decades old but somehow I suddenly feel all grown up at this moment, of having learnt few very important lessons in life and of having known what my heart says. 

I remember reading somewhere knowing what your heart is better than not listening to it ever because you carry the risk of it not saying anything someday.  I started the ritual of writing such posts atleast two times a year, sometimes going up to three depending on when  needed a good dose motivation. Surprisingly I haven't written any this year and no! Make no mistake it wasn't that I didn't need any motivation, rather I would say I was too busy running in the race to pause and think about them.

But today is the last day of the year and how can I not look back at the past one last time, gather all the positivity before I move ahead into the unknown with wide open arms. So here it is, to new beginnings!

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  • Being able to write despite everything! (And that includes everything on earth from poor internet to bad health)
  • The fact that I can still smile at life wholeheartedly.

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  • People come and go from your lives for a reason. All we can hold onto are the memories they leave behind.
  • Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong journey without any heartbreaks.


  • Somethings hadn't ended the way they did in this year.
  • I had written & read more than what I have done.


  • Looking at the memories I created in this year.
  • Thinking about all the places I am going to visit in 2016.

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  • About me not being able to do anything
  • For a lot of things beyond my control.


  • My heart never stops dreaming or wishing.
  • The small joys of life never stop brightening up my heart


  • To keep hoping & believing
  • To work hard and chase my dreams.


  • For my new job.
  • For a few people in my life who are there without any reasons!
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After all life doesn't keep getting better with time, it is you who keeps getting better to face all that comes your way and emerge stronger from it.

Wishing you a very happy 2016 with loads of love and joy in your life!

Do share any thing special about 2015 that happened in your life. 

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