Confessions of a confused soul # 11: Redefining perfection

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I was in class sixth when I had first met Bhumi. A new entrant to our school she had become a showstopper on the first day itself. All eyes were on her since then. With her light eyes and brown hair she looked like a doll. She had a clear white complexion with a flawless skin. Even her smile was so perfect, no bunny teeth protruding from the front making her look weird. All the boys in my class would ogle at her during the break and giggle at their own personal jokes. Well I also ogled at her but for different reasons. I stared at her wondering how can someone be so perfect. 

Because I was what I called epitome of imperfection. With my gap toothed smile, chocolate coloured complexion and neatly oiled two plaits I barely made anyone even aware of my existence in the class. But well... the world wasn't coming to an end because of that and I had better things to worry about, especially my scores. I didn't want to invite the ire of my father at any cost, it came along with a very heavy price to pay.

In our school it was mandatory for girls and boys to sit next to each other to avoid talking in the class. My bench partner was Vishal. Over the period of time we had become good friends, sharing notes and having our own share of fun while the others were still contemplating what to to talk about to their partner. Perhaps it helped that I was so un-girly in almost everything  starting from my looks to my choices. I was broadly built with a height of 5'5" which was above every girl in the class and considered boyish. I was volleyball team captain and enjoyed playing sports more than anything else.

One day it was Bhumi's birthday. Dressed in a blue frock full of frills and lace she looked like a Disney Princess. I couldn't take my eyes off her that day and I could see the same thought reflecting in so many eyes around me too. She was passing around in the class distributing chocolates to all of us. Just as she had passed our desk I sighed albeit a bit too loudly " I wish I was like her...she is so perfect!" I didn't realise that Vishal could over hear me. Till then for him I was the most happiest person on earth with no worry or care around. But that day I perhaps displayed my fragile emotions to him with those words. 

While I was still debating whether his thoughts about me would have changed after hearing this he surprised me with his answer, " Well for me, you are perfect just the way you are!" That day what he thought me is something I can never forget. He taught me that anything seen with love filled eyes will always be perfect and anything noticed with hatred or jealousy will always prick your eyes. I still remember his words during the realms of dark nights and tell myself that the people who cannot see anything good in me don't love me. It takes lot of hatred to see the bad in someone.

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