Random Thoughts: On life

Not many know but this year began on a very low note for me. I needed a heavy dose of motivation and who better than myself for it. 

From 1st Jan 2016 I started writing a letter to myself daily. Good, bad, past, present, future, love, hatred, dreams and nightmares all became a part of them. All hand written with drawings around them to depict my mood these letters have been a huge solace in the last few months. Today as I read 78 letters of life written to myself I do smile with a tinge of tears in my eyes for they do smell of hope and are strung together with the thread of faith. 

Someday it will all be fine, and till then we continue to hope!


  1. What a great idea to write letters to yourself; it's like keeping a journal, but you are probably more inclined to reread these going forward.
    Blessings, Privy!

    1. Yes I am. Even right now as I am just reading the ones from the first two months I can see the amount of thoughts I have left behind in those words. Makes me feel light in a strange manner. :)


  2. In hope we believe and it's the only thing that keeps us strong:)

  3. This too shall pass...Time heals everything....After reading this look at the nearest mirror and smile nice and bright ....Thats from me to you :D

    1. Aww that is so sweet of you Jaish thanks so much for a lovely comment and for stopping by!


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~ Every word that you leave behind is an imprint on my soul ~

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