10 things I learnt from my friends

[ 1 ] Never say DIE- When the going gets tough – the tough gets going. We all have been through lives ups and downs in our own unique way but that has never stopped us from enjoying every moment of life as it comes . This is what I have learnt from you all – I salute your courage for smiling and facing life so bravely !

[ 2 ] Trust your friends -  With you all by my side – trust has never been a problem. We all have at some point of time trusted each other with our deepest secrets and it has always been between the two of us….!

[ 3 ] Never carry a grudge – Sometimes we all say things we don’t mean, do stuff we don’t intend unknowingly. But the best thing is we all manage to let go of all such things, never carry a grudge  and still manage to be the bestest of friends possible ..Always !

[ 4 ] Distances don’t matter - We all have been in different cities, handling hectic jobs which most of the time don’t leave us with time for meeting, chatting or hanging around. We also find it difficult to call more frequently though we all want to do that. Sometimes it happens we don’t talk for weeks / months together. But even in such times, just a phone call or a simple text saying “Hi!!” evokes the same warmth it did the last time we spoke. :)

[ 5 ] Share and Care - We share our joys and we share our tears – that’s what makes us care for each other so much!

[ 6 ] ***No Terms and Conditions apply – There have been instances where birthdays / anniversaries have been forgotten, missed calls not returned back for weeks together, promises of meeting never kept…but still the base of our friendship remains unshakeable, because it doesn’t have terms or conditions applicable to it.

[ 7 ] RAINBOW friendship – I call all of us Rainbow friends because we are all very different in our nature, likes, dislikes, habits and behaviors. In a way we all represent the different colours of life – but when brought together we make a beautiful rainbow. We don’t feel out of place or left out…rather we appreciate the differences and celebrate it. 

[ 8 ] Never give free advice - In times of trouble, when the other person is crying his/her heart out with their problems it is very tempting to dole out some good piece of advice. But you all have taught me never to give them unless asked for as then your advice is valued more and you respected too!!

[ 9 ] Cup of Coffee - On a rainy day (i.e. days when you want to cry your heart out) nothing is as comforting as a good old friend to call….just like a warm cup of coffee. hot, sweet, comforting and by the time its over making u feel good from deep inside. Thanks for being that cup of coffee for me so many times !!

[ 10 ]Prizes and Praises – There have been times when I have fallen back on you for some advice – and there are times when you have called me in times of trouble. But the most beautiful aspect it we never discuss it to show off what we do for each other and will continue to do.  

Here's hoping to learn many more such wonderful things!!



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