Sometimes all that life seems to be is a running race – from one check post to another.

In between we laugh, we cry, we fall, we get up to start running again. At some check posts we win, at some we lose. Some one runs ahead of us making us want to run faster, and sometimes we are happy when we triumph ahead of others.

Amidst all this confusion, there is so much happening that we don’t realize the milestones we have cleared. We are just busy running the race- chasing one milestone after the other.

Just sit back and think – Is there one moment of triumph you remember where you felt euphoric????
Feeling you have given your best irrespective of the output? Did you celebrate the moment when the result was splendid???

Thinking about it, you might be able to remember a few. But did you really live that moment. Did you enjoy that euphoria of giving your best shot and winning?

It need not be something really big or miraculous. It can be something as small as faring well in a test/ an interview to as big as it could get.Choice is ours.

I think we really need to live life by every moment as it comes.

Like it is said, Live life not by the moments that take your breathe away, but by breathing life in every moment that comes your way!”

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