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Someone somewhere is made for you…...” However unrealistic and filmy this may sound, we all want it to come true for us. We want to meet our “soul mate” (Or should I say sole mate?) - Someone made solely for us. Someone who accepts you as you are with your flaws and capabilities, your joy & tears,  your wounds & pain, your dreams & aspirations, your hopes & desires - Is the kind of person we all want to fall in love with….. 

We all dream of our prince charming and sleeping beauties that would be made JUST for us and would meet us at the right time to create Déjà vu.Day in and out during our adolescence we dream of such people praying it happens to us, hoping THIS is the one……..but over a period of time we have our own share of heartbreaks and relationships because we keep on looking for love in the wrong places. Finally we conclude that such things happen only in movies and fairy tales. 
We think we have been broken beyond repair and have lost all faith on the existence of love. Then suddenly when we are not expecting it, in the place we never looked and could never really understand the reason even if we wanted to, true love finds us. And we are never ever the same again. Our life is completely changed forever. They tend to heal us, cure all our wounds/ hurts and create an irreplaceable shield for our heart.

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After some unfortunate incidents in life we tend to create a wall around ourselves to protect us from any further hurt. But actually, as a saying goes, “Sometimes we create walls around us, not to protect us but to see who cares to break them to reach us.” , true love would break all the walls and reach the real US. Touch us in manner no one could have touched us before.
It is very truly said "Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally do meet the right person, we should know how to be grateful for that gift."

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