25 Most Beautiful Moments of Life

1.      Clearing your last exam
2.      Getting your first job
3.      Your first pay check [ suddenly makes you feel all grown up and responsible]
4.      Being surrounded by true friends who accept you as you are
5.      Meeting a very old friend after ages and realizing that nothing has changed
6.      Waking up early in the morning and realizing you could sleep for some more time
7.      Seeing your loved one smile and knowing you are the reason behind that smile
8.      Living your dream and having a “THIS IS IT” feeling
9.      Finding something just at the moment when you had thought that you had lost it forever
10.  The smell of air after it rains
11.  To love and being loved in return
12.  Curling up on your bed with your favourite book and a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day!
13.  Feeling the first drops of rain
14.  Getting nostalgic and visiting old places to know you are still remembered
15.  Accidentally laying hands on your childhood stuff and trying to connect with “that child” in you.
16.  Having that sense of belonging when you come back home after a long time.
17.  Trying to do something after a long time and knowing that you are still good at it
18.  Hugging your loved ones after a long tiring day
19.  Hearing “I am proud of you” from your parents.
20.  Having someone come upto you and say “I want to be like you – You are my ideal.”
21.  Crying your heart out in front of someone – not having to explain anything – knowing that he/she understands perfectly how it feels.
22.  Seeing a new born baby smile
23.  Seeing your child take his/her first steps
24.  After 50 years of marriage looking into your partners eyes and knowing nothing has changed
25.  Doing something you love – following your heart – just being yourself.

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