Happy Womens Day

Today, the 100th International Womens Day seems to be the perfect day to begin my blog.Today millions of people around the world would have celebrated the strength of a woman. Over a period of time the importance of Womens Day has gradually increased. From the earlier times when it was totally unheard of, today we find newspaper ads offering discounts to celebrate women day/weeks/ month. The status of women in India has definitely changed to a very large extent over the past few decades.
I would like to quote one of the forward  messages I received today here:

Almost everyday of LIFE is very special because a truly beautiful person that is YOU is a part of it. We don't need one day a year to realize this, but there is no harm in having just another reason to celebrate!!!
 "Wishing you all lovely ladies a very HAPPY WOMEN S DAY!!!"

Lets all of us vow today to make everyday International Woman's day and treat ourselves specially because We are special and We are the occasion !!

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