In conversation

Not very long ago the greys accentuated the skyline; and the stars did not shine.
But my heart remembered the warmth of sunshine that surrounded me sometime back!
I kept staring as the darkness kept getting darker, the darkness of my life merging with the darkness around me.
The twinkling stars full of hope seemed a matter of past –My heartbeats matching the thunders that surrounded me now.
There has to be an end to this agony my heart said but my eyes were blinded by nothing.
All I had were questions and all I sought for were answers.
I looked at the skies and screamed can you feel my pain? It thundered back in response to affirm.
My heart felt like the parched piece of land dying to feel a drop of love and quench its thirst.
That one glimmer of hope, that silver lining amongst it all was what my eyes looked out for.
And suddenly one flash and it all ended….. Or did it begin..?
Will you cry with me I ask…. And slowly I get the answer.
The greys parted ways to let the tears flow…. One by one letting it all go.
The mountain of pain… the agony… the hurt was melting as I felt the raindrops kissing my face
My tears merged with drops washing away all my hurt and fears like grime and dirt
Is it a mirage I question myself only to be drenched more fiercely in the rain of love and faith.
I close my eyes letting a part of me go away creating space for the newness to replace nothingness.
Arms outstretched I stand there as finally life hugged me back, touching my soul and making me whole!

P.S: I had read somewhere, loneliness is not something you feel when you are alone. It is something you feel when you are surrounded by people and yet feel alone. This poem was born out of such loneliness. My recent trip to Delhi, my childhood city brought back some old memories associated with it and this view is from my hotel room located on the 6th floor. Must be the giddiness you feel when you are on a height or must be the low feeling you get when you are lonely despite being with someone! And yes this conversation did happen in real and the skies did cry with me in answer.

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