Metro Diaries - A Reminder

Rashi stood there staring at the skyline as the waves kept hitting the rocks below her feet. Faint sounds of latest dance numbers playing in distant background reminded her of the party she was here for. Though she had accepted the invitation and was there she did not “attend” it even for a moment. Off late everything seemed like a disturbance people, music, and friends… the very things which were her lifeline not very long back. She just wanted to be with on her own, letting her thoughts flow without any hindrances in between.

The way things had been for her recently it all seemed to lead nowhere and today she felt as if she was at a crossroads where she had to make a choice. Her life, her rules, her choices, her decisions – that’s how it had been till now. Then why was she scared today, she did not know. She had never been so confused about anything till now. Just then a star fell from the sky creating a beautiful aura all around. Almost on an instinct Rashi closed her eyes and made a wish, just like every time.

Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled for in making that wish her heart told her what her choice should be. A faint smile began to appear on her lips as she looked above and sent a prayer of thanks to Him.The confusion no longer seemed like one for all that her heart wanted was clear to her now. How fickle human mind was she wondered, 

We know what our destination is, we know the way to reach that too. Somewhere in between we lose our way, take some wrong turns and yet manage to come back on the right track once again. But we get so obsessed with the destination that we forget to enjoy the journey and when we reach the destination we don’t even remember why we are here now and thus begins another journey to another destination not knowing what the heart actually wants. It is important to pause for a while in between just to know what your heart wants and listen to it before chasing the destination once again. And at times when we forget to pause, life sends us reminders in such forms just to let us know how important it is to just LIVE for the moment!

Saying this she traced her steps back to the shack to join her friends and celebrate LIFE.
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