Striding ahead

Many times in life we feel we are on the right track as we take step after step in that direction. The way ahead seems so clear at that moment with the warm sun rays hugging us, the wind ruffling our hair, a pleasant music playing in our heads and the destination beckoning us with open arms. 

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There is a sprint in each step as our heart is flying miles ahead of our thoughts. Aspirations mixed with desires, emotions with fear and dreams with ecstasy creating a heady feeling, making you feel giddy at one moment and taking you on a high the other. Yet we stride ahead. 

We face a few minor jolts walking on the unruly path, fall at times due to the pitfalls, miss a step or two in the excitement of having covered some distance and tread on some pointed things hurting ourselves. Yet we stride ahead.

And then suddenly we halt in our steps. Something that was so clear few moments back now has become vague all of a sudden. The path that was lying before our eyes has now become blurred, we stare at it in disbelief for some time before concluding that it is not the path but our eyes which have turned hazy. We rub them clean and move on again taking larger steps this time to cover up for the lost time. And we stride ahead.

Having covered almost half the journey we feel immensely proud about our achievement and turn back to admire it. When we turn around we suddenly realize we are lost. This is not the way we were on till now. Everything seems alien as we silently gaze at our surroundings. The cool breeze which seemed soothing till now is chilling us rapidly. And the serene music has not abruptly stopped being replaced with an eerie silence. We turn right and then to left frantically searching for the known path we had been walking on for so long but to no avail. 

Do we cry? A meek yes….Do we mourn? A meeker yes….Are we lost? Perhaps yes…….Is there no way out?  ….. Though now there seems to no way but we will pave one soon. There has to be a way out otherwise we would not have been here in the first place; maybe towards the north-east, the south-west or that corner where we never explored till now. A way has to exist out of here and sooner or later we will find it. And if a new way it should be - A new way it would be!

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