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Dear Dumpling,
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If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky.   S.E. Hinton

Every time I think about you I cannot wonder how lucky I am to have you in my life as my friend, buddy, confidant and the eternal wish fulfilling fairy. I smile as I count the innumerable times you have made all my wishes come true even when I have not even expressed them to you. 

In life people always say that we should have someone who makes us feel loved but I feel we should have someone who makes us feel love worthy for that makes us complete and content. You have been that for me. You made me realise what my true worth is in more than one ways!
I just had to tell you one day that I love letters and since then you have been sending them to me regularly without fail. Letters, emails, messages, telegrams, diaries… oh the list is endless for all that you have done till now! You know in every story there is one good guy and there is a bad guy. In our story I am the bad guy for I never replied to all those letters and messages you kept sending each day. And you are the good guy who understood quietly what I was going through all this while and continued sending me reminders that no matter what I am loved and there is at least one person on this earth who is there for me!

In the past 8 months my life has turned 360 degrees. I don’t know whether it is for good or for bad but I know it has. That dizziness is so heavy that it is not allowing me to come out it however much I try. But I know very soon I will be out of this whirlpool and be back to what I was – the chirpy cat who used to keep bugging you all the while singing Jaane Kyu Dil janta hai.. tu hai to I'll be all right!! I genuinely apologise for being such a shabby friend Dumpling ........

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 “Piglet sidled up to Pooh from behind.”Pooh?" he whispered.

                                                                         "Yes, Piglet?" 
                          "Nothing," said Piglet, taking Pooh's hand. "I just wanted to be sure of you.” 
                                                            A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I still remember somewhere in the beginning of July I had come to know that telegrams were being closed forever. It never struck me that I should have one for keepsakes though I always wondered how it would feel to receive one. And lo and behold I receive not one but two telegrams telling me how special I am, for all that I am! 

I am surprised at the way you feel all that I feel and understand whats going on in my mind. There are days when I am down and I receive a message from your end full of warm hugs, love, best wishes and reinstating faith in me. Sometimes I am in naughty mood and I get Calvin and Hobbes from you.

The most wonderful gifts I have ever received in my life have to be the diary you wrote for me and the 16 page letter you sent on my birthday. I carry them along with me everywhere you know. And anytime grey clouds surround me I just have to flip some pages to know what my true calling is! I cannot thank you enough for giving me memories of a lifetime in the short while that we spent together.

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You know I always wondered is such a kind of self-less friendship existed in today’s times and you came as an answer to that question. I know you always apologize for not being there when I need you the most. But Dumpling you are forgetting one very important thing. You have been there with me all through the while, then how can you not be there when I needed you the most. You never left my side. 

You have been my worst critic, trusted confidant, bestest friend, argumentative partner, dancing buddy, music chum, pen friend, agony aunt, laugh-on-stupid-jokes pal and a lot more than perhaps I can put it in words for you and I know you will always be!

And in return I promise to be a better friend than what I am, always & all-ways!

Loads of love and hugs to you 
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P.S : This is my second letter to Dumpling my best friend and my angel in disguise! You can read the first one HERE

This post has been written for WriteTribe's prompt Letters Unsent

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