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Dear You,
“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”  - Anaïs Nin
Writing as they say is one the most wonderful way of knowing your own self better and what better way to do it than to start with blogging. A huge warm welcome to this wonderful world called blogosphere. Here you will find love, laughter, warmth, affection, jealousy, anger and pride just like the outside world. But what sets it apart is the joy it will bring to you.
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Not very long ago I was YOU, not that today I am different. I am still the same, striving to make a difference through my words. Yet today as you embark on a journey to knowing yourself I want to share some lessons I learnt on my way till here:

Enjoy – Enjoy every moment of it, for this is one place where you can be just yourself without any fears of being judged upon. Write all that you feel and think for this is one place that celebrates you. Your posts will help you know yourself better in retrospect and this will be the only witness to the changes you will go through. Years later when you will flip through its pages you will awestruck at the growth you have had as a person.

Comment – It feels really good to read someone’s thought on our writing isn’t it, and does it to others as well. When you read someone, let that person know how it made you feel.

Be – Never try to become something for the sake of it. There is a reason you are here and that is exactly what you should celebrate every moment. Carve a niche for yourself and stand out for your very own unique reasons. Just be yourself, always and all ways.
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Love – Love what you do (in this case writing!!) and that will reflect in all that you do.

Respect – Respect everyone’s sentiments and emotions when you write about some sensitive topics. Remember - It takes years to win a heart and moments to break it beyond repair.

Endure – Patience is the key here. Write because you love to. There will be times where there will be no readers, no comments – in short no inspiration but at such times remember to be patient. For it pays. I blogged for almost more than year till I started getting some regular readers and their comments on my blog. But you know what? I was very lucky to have at least 3 people who went through my entire blog and commented on each one of them.

Read – Not only to learn the dos but also the don’ts.

Learn – Life is an endless school where the learning never ceases. Here in blogosphere there are some wonderful lessons to be learnt, not only in writing, blogging or language but also in relationships and life. Be open to all the learning that comes your way. Trust me you will love what it makes out of you.

When I started I just knew two types of writings – prose and poetry. My dictionary has expanded in leaps and bounds in last few years. Now I know 55 fiction, flash fiction, haiku, short story, poem, nonfiction, self help, memoirs... etc

When I began I never thought I could write fiction. Today I know I can not only write fiction but up to some extent I excel in one genre (romance). You never know you might find your true calling hidden somewhere in those words.

The lessons are endless in this journey , these are just what I gathered, perhaps someday you will make your own such list of some beautiful lessons of life you learnt in your own journey.

Just spread your wings and take your flight for the world is waiting. If there is one thing I would like to give you as a gift for today, tomorrow and forever it would be this~

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Love and Joy,

P.S: This post has been written as a part of the Daily Prompt at Project 365 . Today's prompt was to write what we wanted to tell a newbie blogger.

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